Follow the Star!

7 12 2017

Well done RD- What a fantastic show! Thank you to everyone who was able to come. We hope you enjoyed it.

Look at your amazing superstars!

Amazing Homework

7 12 2017


30 11 2017

This week we have been learning to measure length, height and width. We decided which objects we could use to measure, for example, our hands, feet, cubes or even bricks. We also looked at using a ruler and a meter stick, can you tell someone in your family what measurement we use on a ruler? Maybe you measure some things in your house? What is the longest or shortest? How do you know?



17 11 2017

This week we have been practising and preparing for our Reception End of Year Performance!

We can’t give too much away – as it is a secret – but we have been busy making and singing!

Remember the performance is on Thursday 7th December 2017 at 11 am.

French, positional language and the Great African Wellie Walk

10 11 2017


This week we have  been reminding ourselves of positional language. We played a fun game – Where was the monster and Mr Incredible hiding? – behind, in between,  in front,  or underneath the duck and the tiger.

Can you try and use some positional language this weekend?

On Tuesday RD (and Mrs Daniells) had a French lesson! Madame Christine arrived in our classroom and we learnt this song!

Bonjour,salut, comment t’appelles-tu? (Hello, hi ,what is your name?)

Je m’appelle………… toi.         ( My name is……………………. and you?)

Mrs Pulman likes saying bonjour every morning! Maybe you can try that too next week.


On Friday afternoon we completed the Great African Welly Walk for children in Africa. We had to walk around the school 5 times to complete our mile. We were very proud of ourselves especially as Mrs Daniells walked very quickly.

Handa’s Surprise and Black History Month

6 11 2017

This week  RD have been celebrating Black History Month and learning about important people and events in history.

We welcomed Bigfoot theatre company into our classroom and listened to the story of Boone the Banana. We loved pretending to be different kinds of fruit.

Can you remember what happened at the end? Who do you think made the scariest face?


We have also been studying the  African – American artist  Kahinde Wiley. His wonderful artwork celebrates black people in heroic poses and he is going  to officially paint Mr and Mrs Obama!

I hope you had the opportunity to come and see our art work on display yesterday in the hall but if you didn’t here are are some of RD’s Kahinde Wiley inspired artwork.


Diwali week

20 10 2017

This week  RD  have been learning about Diwali – the ‘festival of light’ – which is celebrated by millions of people world wide.  Sikhs and Hindus decorate their homes with candles for 5 days – celebrating the triumph of light over dark and good over evil.

In class we have made our own diva lamps, added and subtracted candles and created our own rangoli patterns. We talked about how our own celebrations and customs  differ to Diwali.

Can you see us singing a Diwali candle song? We all got a chance to be a candle – What fun!


Autumn Week

13 10 2017

Autumn week has involved all of the children from RD  looking closely at the changes they are seeing to the weather (it is meant to be getting colder!) and their natural environment.

We have talked about why the leaves change colour and fall off trees as well as new vocabulary such as hibernation and migration.

We have counted leaves, taken them away and even visited Grafton Square to find Autumn leaves in order to make our book marks.

They loved the crunching sound the leaves made under their feet!

Can you remember what season comes after Autumn?

Colourscape Trip

2 10 2017

We went to Colourscape at Clapham Common. As it was a lovely sunny day we could see the colours really well as we walked through the tunnels.

What colour did your cape change to when you went in the red tunnel?


Hello world!

18 09 2017

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