Amazing Athletes!

6 07 2018

Our Mini Olympics was a huge success! All the children in RD enjoyed themselves immensely and were keen to build up

house points so that their team could win.

There were 12 activities altogether which they all participated in. What event was your favourite?

They all demonstrated great sportsmanship and team spirit. Well done RD! – what a talented lot you are!

Garden Museum Trip

23 03 2018

What an exciting week we have had in RD!

On Tuesday we went to visit the Garden Museum in Waterloo.  All the children had a chance to use technology to enhance their understanding of nature. We used different microscopes and digital cameras, designed gardens, dabbled in virtual reality and explored the museum. Thank you to all the parents that came with us that made this trip possible.

Rocket Pictures

26 02 2018

Look at these wonderful space pictures we have created. They are going in our special record of achievement books.

We used a variety of materials and experimented using different colours and textures.

We are very proud of them.

Shapes all around us!

29 01 2018

Last week RD were looking at shapes.

We revised the names of shapes and properties of shapes. We found 3D and 2D shapes in the classroom and outside – using a tally system to record how many we found!

We used vocabulary such as sides, corners, edges, faces and vertices to describe the shapes.

We are such experts now!

Do you know what shape has 3 corners and 3 sides?

Do you know how many faces a cube has?

Supersonic Space!

19 01 2018

What a lot of discoveries we have made over the last few weeks. We have been super scientists and have discovered why objects fall and how we can stay dry!

Last week we read “Whatever Next” and found that poor baby bear got very wet on his way back from travelling to the moon. Can you remember why he got wet?

We decided to help him find ways of staying dry. We tested different materials  – newspaper, tin foil, a plastic bag and felt and found which one was the most waterproof. Can you remember which one was the best?


This week we read “Aliens Love Underpants.” What a bunch of naughty aliens they are – arriving on Earth and stealing our underpants from our washing lines. On Tuesday we wrote letters to one of the aliens called Zol and guess what! – he wrote letters back to us!

We have learnt a lot about space and gravity! On Wednesday we were super scientists again and tried to answer questions “Why do objects fall down when you drop them?” Do different objects land at different times – or the same time?  We dropped poor Mr Incredible.

Can you see Mr Incredible with a parachute? Will he land faster or slower than the Mr Incredible without one?

Follow the Star!

7 12 2017

Well done RD- What a fantastic show! Thank you to everyone who was able to come. We hope you enjoyed it.

Look at your amazing superstars!

Amazing Homework

7 12 2017


30 11 2017

This week we have been learning to measure length, height and width. We decided which objects we could use to measure, for example, our hands, feet, cubes or even bricks. We also looked at using a ruler and a meter stick, can you tell someone in your family what measurement we use on a ruler? Maybe you measure some things in your house? What is the longest or shortest? How do you know?



17 11 2017

This week we have been practising and preparing for our Reception End of Year Performance!

We can’t give too much away – as it is a secret – but we have been busy making and singing!

Remember the performance is on Thursday 7th December 2017 at 11 am.

French, positional language and the Great African Wellie Walk

10 11 2017


This week we have  been reminding ourselves of positional language. We played a fun game – Where was the monster and Mr Incredible hiding? – behind, in between,  in front,  or underneath the duck and the tiger.

Can you try and use some positional language this weekend?

On Tuesday RD (and Mrs Daniells) had a French lesson! Madame Christine arrived in our classroom and we learnt this song!

Bonjour,salut, comment t’appelles-tu? (Hello, hi ,what is your name?)

Je m’appelle………… toi.         ( My name is……………………. and you?)

Mrs Pulman likes saying bonjour every morning! Maybe you can try that too next week.


On Friday afternoon we completed the Great African Welly Walk for children in Africa. We had to walk around the school 5 times to complete our mile. We were very proud of ourselves especially as Mrs Daniells walked very quickly.

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